My work takes me to many places and my family is spread around the globe.  To cope with this, I maintain two studio spaces.  One in country Victoria and one in Bangkok.  I will post updates from either of these studios, depending on where I am at the time!

In the studio – November 2017

After a colossal year which saw me realise my ideas for 3 dimensional form in an exhibition at Gallery H.  I have squeezed in several trips abroad including a recent voyage to Burma.  It has been a busy year and … Read More

In Bangkok October 2017

I am very excited to have an exhibition at the famous Eat Me restaurant in Bangkok.  Here are some installation shots. This exhibition runs November to January 2018.

In the studio – September 2017

A few weeks back in Australia has given me inspiration.  The Australian landscape is truly unique and thrills me each time I am in its presence. On this trip back to oz, I spent a lot of time looking at … Read More

Exhibition at Gallery H Bangkok Jul – Oct 2017

The exhibition at Gallery H, Bankok runs until October.  I have visited it each time and whenever I go I am still excited to see the sculptural piece and how it constantly changes within the space.  The sculpture is suspended … Read More

Exhibition – June 2017

At last, the exhibition has opened!  A great opening night with loads of people.  Many expats as well as some serious Bangkok collectors. Everyone seems happy.  The exhibition runs until August 27th so if you find yourself in Bangkok, please … Read More

In the studio – May 2017

  The sculpture is on track to be delivered to the Gallery H on Saturday ready for installation and the opening which is June 28th.  Paintings have left the studio also I am thrilled about this exhibition at Gallery H.  It’s a … Read More

In the studio – April

March and April have mostly been taken up with working on this large painting.  It was a pleasure working on a large scale again.  This level of detail allows me to really lose myself in the painting and the journey … Read More

In the studio – March 2017

The laser cut sculpture is in progress and I am now fine-tuning matters of material thickness and the width of the lines.  How many lines and how much negative space can I have without compromising the physical intergrity of the … Read More

In the studio – February 2017

I have been working on the prototype for my metal sculpture.  The way this object behaves fascinates me.  My drawings, as you might know, are quite dense, and by removing the perceived background and leaving just this layer of lines is … Read More

In the studio – January 2017

This is the beginning of the sculpture project.   This is very new for me, working out how to make a sculpture using laser technology to produce the final piece. It has taken several months of trial and error and I … Read More

On the road – Sept 2016

I spent almost all of September travelling in Europe, mainly in England and Spain. In London I visited the Tate Modern and Serpentine Galleries.  At the Serpentine Pavilion this beautiful construction by Danish Architect Bjarke Ingels was amazing. This is … Read More

Back in Oz – June 2016

In June i managed to spend some time in rural Victoria.   it was good to experience a winter in Australia after the unrelenting heat of Bangkok.  Beautiful landscape and soft winter light.                 … Read More

In the studio – May 2016

May has been a month of working on drawings and preparation for the next series of paintings.                                               … Read More

In the studio – April 2016

I have been travelling through Spain again.   I could not resist taking this photo of a window in a very old stone building near Girona .                                 … Read More

In the studio – March 2016

I spent most of March repainting the background of Perinone, the mauve colour was too light, it was worth making it a dark chocolate brown, the space in the painting works much better now. The  photos for March are of … Read More

In the studio – Feb 2016

works on paper evolving                                                   Scarlet Lake… not an easy painting to photograph!       … Read More

On the road – Jan 2016

Spent part of January painting, and the latter part in Burma on a boat on the Irrawaddy.   Beautiful river, beautiful soft winter’s light.                                   … Read More

In the studio – Dec 2015

it can take a while to choose the exact colour red, hence the small studies of recent and the current paintings.                                       … Read More

In the studio – Nov 2015

I am now back in my studio in Bangkok. Selecting the exact red for the background is still a work in progress.     I am beginning a series of drawings. .. and looking at part of my new garden … Read More

Back in Oz – October 2015

October at my place  in Victoria. Spring, after a winter with little rain, the country looks green but there is almost no water in the dam.  The forecast  for summer is grim, so the spring growth will be short lived. … Read More

On the road – September 2015

September has been a month of travel in Europe, mainly in Spain, where, as always, I found some wonderful art. In Barcelona I discovered this sculpture in a Plaza near the old quarter.   The lightness and the scale of … Read More

In the studio – August 2015

August has resulted in two new works.  One is a study and one is a painting. This new painting pictured below is titled  Perinone,176 x 67cm  oil on linen.   This was a slow painting! This work on paper Untitled … Read More

In the studio – July 2015

This is “Perinone” (167.5 x 76 cm). This painting has been slower than usual, dark purple is not an easy colour to apply! Only a week to finishing, then into more drawings.                 … Read More

In the studio – April 2015

In my country Victoria studio.  These paintings take a long time to nut out.  I start out with detailed preparatory drawings before marking up the canvas with pencil.  My paintings are all hand painted.  I do not mask sections.  The … Read More