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Exhibition blog June 2019

I returned briefly to Bangkok to start working out the colours for a 110 x 240 cm painting which has been sitting on my easel patiently waiting for more than a year! But I am back in Australia by mid June to attend the opening at Geelong Gallery of the Moon Exhibition which includes one of my paintings. I have also collected from Shepparton, the two small sample sculptures (see Apr/May post) and I am thrilled with them.

The Moon exhibition was curated by Lisa Sullivan. I was very happy to reacquaint myself with an early painting titled Blue Moon 1980. It is a very beautiful, lyrical exhibition which I am very pleased to be part of.

I returned to Bangkok June 28th to settle down and start work again. Firstly to start painting the small sculptures I brought back with me from Shepparton. Secondly to develop a maquette of possible future sculptures. That should keep me busy.

You can download the catalogue here (with thanks to Geelong Gallery)

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Here I am at Geelong Gallery, with Bryan Spear, for the opening of Moon an exhibition reflecting on the moon landing 50 years ago. My painting Blue Moon is behind my left shoulder.