On the road – Jan 2016

Spent part of January painting, and the latter part in Burma on a boat on the Irrawaddy.   Beautiful river, beautiful soft winter’s light.                                                   Teak raft and the boat which will guide the raft … Read More

In the studio – Dec 2015

it can take a while to choose the exact colour red, hence the small studies of recent and the current paintings.                                                                           … Read More

In the studio – Nov 2015

I am now back in my studio in Bangkok. Selecting the exact red for the background is still a work in progress.     I am beginning a series of drawings. .. and looking at part of my new garden viewed from my studio.       Why does everything take longer than I  think it will?   … Read More

Back in Oz – October 2015

October at my place  in Victoria. Spring, after a winter with little rain, the country looks green but there is almost no water in the dam.  The forecast  for summer is grim, so the spring growth will be short lived. Still it is always good to be back in such beautiful country.     The first flowers on … Read More

On the road – September 2015

September has been a month of travel in Europe, mainly in Spain, where, as always, I found some wonderful art. In Barcelona I discovered this sculpture in a Plaza near the old quarter.   The lightness and the scale of the sculpture in relation to plaza was breathtaking.     The Reina Sofia in Madrid was the great … Read More

In the studio – August 2015

August has resulted in two new works.  One is a study and one is a painting. This new painting pictured below is titled  Perinone,176 x 67cm  oil on linen.   This was a slow painting! This work on paper Untitled will develop into the next painting. Image below is a close up of the work on paper Untitled. … Read More

In the studio – July 2015

This is “Perinone” (167.5 x 76 cm). This painting has been slower than usual, dark purple is not an easy colour to apply! Only a week to finishing, then into more drawings.                                        

In the studio – April 2015

In my country Victoria studio.  These paintings take a long time to nut out.  I start out with detailed preparatory drawings before marking up the canvas with pencil.  My paintings are all hand painted.  I do not mask sections.  The straight lines are painted by hand without mechanical assistance.  

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