Studio blog Nov 2020

Back in the studio and I am continuing my experiments converting drawing to sculpture. The first attempt taught me a lot about what not to do, and what might work! and more drawings. I very much enjoy this aspect of my studio practice. Below is a full scale section of a possible sculpture, still adjusting as it is still … Read More

Studio blog Mar 2020

I arrived back in Bangkok on 2nd Dec. in my studio was a large canvas 110×240 cm with a drawing on it ready to be painted.   Little did I know at the time that this painting would take four months to finish.    I certainly learnt a lot about the chameleon-like nature of turquoise and its complex relationship with … Read More

Studio blog Feb 2020

A section of the painting, still a work in progress, the background is a kind of Phthalo turquoise however the blue lines need a second coat.  It’s going to take a few more weeks!  

Studio blog Jan 2020

The search goes on, trying to make a painting with blue lines and green background became an obsession. Lots of small paintings that kept getting painted over!

Studio blog Dec 2019

The drawing for this painting came easily but the decision about about making a painting with only 2 colours, one colour for the background and one colour for the lines became a search that went on for a couple of months!It became a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Exhibition at QAGOMA 25 May 2019 – 2 Feb 2020

Geometries Geometries’ brings together works that dazzle the eyes with colour and form. Using deceptively simple strategies — structuring relationships between the most elementary components of shape, scale and relative sequencing, for the most part described in pure, flat and vibrant colours — the artists behind these arrangements excel in creating mesmerising optical effects. Contemporary in their lively … Read More

Travel blog July 2019

Returning to Bangkok at the end of June, I was lucky to join a group for a few days up in northern Thailand visiting Hill Tribe schools one of which was up in the high country in a remote village surrounded by thick Forrest. On returning to Bangkok, I have spent most of this month, playing with green … Read More

Exhibition blog June 2019

I returned briefly to Bangkok to start working out the colours for a 110 x 240 cm painting which has been sitting on my easel patiently waiting for more than a year! But I am back in Australia by mid June to attend the opening at Geelong Gallery of the Moon Exhibition which includes one of my paintings. … Read More

Studio blog April/May 2019

5 weeks over April/ May I spent much of my time enjoying being back in my studio in Australia, sorting out my stockroom and working on a full scale sculpture drawing.  Crucially, I also spent time working with Adam Tremellen at JMAR Engineering in Shepparton, to make a small, to-scale section of the red and green sculptures (see … Read More

Studio blog Dec 2018

I am continuing with my experimental drawings with a view to a 3 dimensional sculptural piece made up of two dimensional planes. The red and green colour squares are to show how each two dimensional plane might interact with the other. You can see, in the first image, how the two planes could overlap. The individual drawings are … Read More

Studio blog Oct 2018

I am still working towards resolving the various challenges with this complex sculpture idea. I have finished the sculpture drawings, and have located a technician in Bangkok where I live, who is coming to see me tomorrow to work out how we can made a CAD file. I can then bring that CAD file to Shepparton Australia where … Read More

Studio blog Nov 2017

After a colossal year which saw me realise my ideas for 3 dimensional form in an exhibition at Gallery H.  I have squeezed in several trips abroad including a recent voyage to Burma.  It has been a busy year and I am now back in the studio, working quietly, on something small.             … Read More

In Bangkok Oct 2017

I am very excited to have an exhibition at the famous Eat Me restaurant in Bangkok.  Here are some installation shots. This exhibition runs November to January 2018.

Studio blog Sept 2017

A few weeks back in Australia has given me inspiration.  The Australian landscape is truly unique and thrills me each time I am in its presence. On this trip back to oz, I spent a lot of time looking at trees, and this will feed into my work when I return to my Bankok studio. The last image … Read More

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